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Some of us like to see all of our content on a single page. And for those of us, Kanban Views work beautifully well. What's even better is that, on our platform, you can choose to view any Key in Kanban mode. So, Kanban away!


Create relations between your Keys, Blocks and Pods to make navigation even more efficient! Think of relations as "Scoped Bookmarks".


Manage your due dates, deadlines and deliverables all in one place! You can manage all your work deliverables, deadlines, school/college due dates, or your other commitments that may or may not fit into a single category (this is supported via Standalone Events).


You will love our charts! They are rich, cross-cutting and as they say, a picture is surely worth a thousand words. Dashboard Charts show an aggregrate view of your data across all Keys. If you want to see Data Visualization scoped to various levels, you can check out charts under Keys, Blocks and Pods.

Project Key

Looking for better ways to manage your projects at work (or even at home)? Look no further. Project Keys let you do just that and take the power of the platform one step further to merge with Kanban Views.


You want a holistic view of your content across all Keys. Look no further than the dashboard! It shows your recent activity, count of unread conversations and notifications, recently modified blocks and pods, due pods and tasks, pending notifications and much more.


Share your Blocks and Pods with other users, and start collaborating. Our permissioning is deep so you can grant Read, Write or Admin access at various levels. For Teacher Pods, access is controlled by permissions on linked Teacher Blocks.


Efficiency starts with categorization and structure. A Key provides the starting point for just that. You start with a Key and structure your content in and around it. We support 3 different types of Keys (Custom, Teacher and Student) at this point.


A block is the next level of categorization. It lives inside a Key. If you are a Teacher, it could be a Course. If you are musician, it could be an Instrument. If you are a cook, it would be an Entree. It can be whatever you want for it to be. Start by creating a new block, or by linking an existing one.


A pod is the innermost level in our structure. Think of it as a leaf in a tree. If you are a Teacher, it could be an Assessment. If you are a musician, it would be a Type of Instrument. If you are cook, it could be a Recipe. Once again, you get to choose what categorization works best for you.


Chat with other users real-time. While we support a variety of notifications, there are occasions when you want to connect with other members to discuss a problem, come up with a solution, and make quick progress in an assignment. Conversations will come in real handy there.

Teacher Key

If you are a Teacher (or a Student), you will benefit from this key. It lets you, as a Teacher, create Courses (as Blocks) and Assessments (as Pods), share it with other Teachers, and Students. Your students will have access to it to submit assignments and such, amongst other things.

Project Management

Product Features

Snowpal Pitch is a SaaS platform that allows you to create content, & structure it in a way that works best for you. It provides support to track your progress, measure your performance & collaborate with other members by granting them varying levels of access to your content. Enjoy productivity.

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